Mosaic borders

Borders Mosaic

eye-catching edge to a mosaic with borders

Borders mosaic can bring about several benefits in any space. Firstly, borders can create a distinct and eye-catching edge to a mosaic, providing a clear boundary that separates the artwork from the surrounding area. This can enhance the visual appeal of the mosaic, creating a polished and professional finish. Additionally, borders can help to frame and highlight specific elements of the design, drawing attention to key features and adding depth and dimension to the artwork. This can create a sense of depth and perspective in the mosaic, making it appear more dynamic and visually interesting. Furthermore, borders can help to tie together different elements of the design, creating a cohesive and harmonious overall composition. This can enhance the aesthetic value of the mosaic, making it a beautiful and meaningful piece of art. Overall, incorporating borders mosaic into a design can add both aesthetic and practical value to the artwork, creating a polished and professional finish that enhances the overall visual appeal of the space.

Computerized borders

refer to the use of digital technology to design and create mosaic borders

Handmade borders

refer to the traditional method of creating borders using manual techniques and tools.


Computerized Borders 

BC 5

BC 6

BC 7

BC 8

BC 9

BC 10

BC 11

BC 12

BC 13

BC 14

BC 15

BC 16

BC 17

BC 18

BC 19

BC 20

BC 21

BC 22

BC 23

BC 24

BC 25

BC 26

BC 27

BC 28

BC 29

BC 30

BC 31

BC 32

BC 33

BC 34

BC 35

BC 36

BC 37

BC 38

BC 39

BC 40

BC 41

BC 42

BC 43

BC 44

BC 45

BC 46

BC 47

BC 48

BC 49

BC 50

BC 51

BC 52

BC 53

BC 54

BC 55

BC 56

BC 57

BC 58

BC 59

BC 60

BC 61

BC 62

BC 63

BC 64

BC 65

BC 66


Hand-made Borders


Handmade borders in mosaic refer to the traditional method of creating borders using manual techniques and tools. This process involves carefully selecting and cutting individual mosaic tiles to create a pattern or design that is then applied to the border area. Handmade borders require a high level of skill and craftsmanship, as each tile must be cut and placed with precision to achieve the desired pattern and design. This approach offers several benefits over computerized borders, including a unique and personalized touch that reflects the artist's individual style and technique. Additionally, handmade borders can create a sense of depth and texture in the mosaic, as each tile is carefully placed and arranged to create a visually interesting and dynamic pattern. Furthermore, handmade borders offer a level of authenticity and tradition that cannot be replicated by digital tools and technology. This can add a sentimental value to the artwork, making it a cherished piece of art for the owner. Overall, handmade borders in mosaic offer a timeless and traditional approach to border creation, providing a unique and personalized touch that adds value and beauty to the overall artwork.

BH 1

BH 2

BH 3

BH 4

BH 5

BH 6

BH 7

BH 8

BH 9

BH 10

BH 11

BH 12

BH 13

BH 14

BH 15

BH 16

BH 17

BH 18

BH 19

BH 20

BH 21

BH 22

BH 23

BH 24

BH 25

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